What developers should know before choosing cross-platform app development tools?

  • Posted on: 23 June 2017
  • By: Rebeca

The fragmented mobile phone market, which has more than five mobile platforms or operating systems, makes it difficult to develop native mobile applications. In fact, native development of mobile applications is nowadays very costly and challenging at the same time. This is one reason why cross platform mobile development has become an essential part of mobile app development because it helps to alleviate the challenges developers face when developing mobile applications. Today, several cross-platform methods of developing mobile apps have emerged.

Since all operating systems differ significantly, developers use cross platform app development in order to reach large audiences by developing mobile applications only once rather than developing applications for each mobile platform separately. These tools basically allow developers to quickly implement their mobile applications in just one-step for several platforms. The advantage is that developers are able to avoid repeating developing the same applications for each operating system. In the long run, this helps developers to increase productivity and save on the cost of developing mobile applications. But for this to succeed, cross-platform approaches for developing mobile applications must offer excellent generality so that they can allow the proper provision of mobile applications.
Moreover, cross platform mobile app development tools must allow developers to fully capitalize on specific possibilities and advantages of smartphones. It is worth mentioning that cross-platform mobile development tools differ in their capabilities and general architecture. Therefore, developers must compare and analyze the existing cross-platform mobile app development tools based on different Web technologies such as CSS, HTML and JavaScript. Unless developers compare and analyze these factors, it will not be obvious to them which development tool they should prefer. In simple term, a cross-platform app development tool should allow app developers to implement applications as single code base, which can easily be executed on two or more mobile operating systems.