What are the different types of studio microphones available?

  • Posted on: 30 May 2017
  • By: Rebeca

Do you want to add a condenser mic in your new recording studio? Then, you need to find the best and high quality studio microphones at an incredibly affordable price. It is crucial for you to read the reviews given by the customer on various models of best condenser microphone and compare the features of two to three best models and eventually pick the best one that meets your needs and budget. The gadget made of latest technology produce high acoustic quality. This produces the sound quality that is equivalent to the quality of sound produced by radios. Many musicians and sound engineers will prefer to have a condenser mic in their studios. Undeniably, no two condenser mics share the similar features. You need to buy the one that assures high end and low end sound quality. The best part of buying the latest modeled mic is that, this is equipped with USB ports which let you connect this mic to the computers. The technology used in these microphones will eliminate the unwanted noises produced in the studio. The intuitive headjack in this mic let you keep a close eye on the audio output without delaying audibility.

When you are planning to buy a studio microphone, you need to consider various options in front of you. Different microphone works in a different way. Moreover, the recorded music is played and reproduced in a unique way on each type of microphone. It is crucial for a buyer to have sound knowledge on different types of best vocal mic prior to picking one.
Condenser microphone: This is an excellent microphone to be added in the recording studio to have a high quality audio recording while keeping all the unwanted disturbances at bay. This is equipped with a diaphragm on a plate which forms a capacitor. When the sound waves pass through the diaphragm, the voltage varies and produce a different microphone output.
Dynamic microphone: This is a perfect option to record strong sounds that are played by powerful instruments and vocals. This takes high abuse over the other types. This has a thin diaphragm that vibrates when sound waves pass through it to move the condenser.
USB microphone: This is the best recording equipment that can be added to home recording studio. This needs a computer and a digital recording software. In order to convert the audio output into digital format, this microphone is equipped with a converter.