What are the benefits of using Accelerometry?

  • Posted on: 15 June 2017
  • By: Rebeca

With the invention of new devices and machines, the status of nature’s condition and the human body can be easily determined. There are a variety of devices to measure different aspects of nature and the human body. One of them is Accelerometry which records the intensity of the vibration of both the inside of earth as well as the inside of human body. It has various applications in science as well as industry.

For example, it is used in engineering, navigation, biology, volcanology, medical applications and building. The good part is that it gives instant data about the movements and acceleration.
Howis Accelerometry beneficial in the medical field?
In the last few years,Accelerometry has come into great use in medical science. It is mostly used to determine the body speed while running or swimming. It is used in gyms and physical training centers to measure the strike forces. There are many government organization around the world who are encouraging walking. These organizations are using the device to measure the movements of the body while walking. Scientists have also suggested attaching it on helmets to measure impacts of the collision. It contains calculated parameters such as swing phase and swing phase.
5 benefits of the device while walking or running
• The computer screen not only displays the speed per second but also mentions the time at which you are mostly active.
• Gives you approx. counts of your steps. It also counts the smaller steps that you take.
• Measures the intensity of the steps.
• It tracks the records of your fitness program from previous weeks so that you might get the right information about how much you need to put more effort.
• Also, some physical activity monitor shows the record of the number of calories burned.