Things You Must Know About CRYPTO Currency

  • Posted on: 19 May 2017
  • By: Rebeca

I have been requested several times now to help clarify what Cryptocurrency is, why it exists and the difference between Crypto/Digital Exchange Currency and 'Traditional Currency'. It is a rough one for anyone to comprehend to be honest, therefore I'll do my best to keep it as easy as I can, here goes... Money as we are aware of it now comes in the kind of notes and coins - these are made (printed) at principal repositories and commanded by central banks (in state banks) and authorities - in our case in britain, BoE.
So how Cryptocurrency is valued and how is it possible to use it? Crypto or digital Currency is valued based on its demand, the more coins purchased and the less in the 'virtual' vault mean the value changes, and initially it has just one solution to go - UPWARD! But following an interval of time it starts to slow down (normally after several years that's). A ground-breaking new coin called DasCoin has been introduced. Dascoin is set to pretty much lead the way in Consumer Crypto Transactions - to you and me that is 'paying for our items', lol – and here's why... Dascoin has been more than 2 years in the making and continues to be engineered by a few of the very creative heads in the technical and finance sectors. Dascoin are working with a few of the strongest financial powers on the planet; Visa, MasterCard, ApplePay to name just a couple of.
This implies that in time we, and every other Dascoin customer, can walk right into a high street shop and pay (just as you do now) for your goods/services using not only your small plastic card, but additionally an app in your phone - exciting things eh!!the expense of the Dascoin can't be controlled by authorities or banks, it's value is going to be depending on supply and demand and will undoubtedly be accessible to utilize on an international scale- a single unified currency; offline along with online!