Stand Up Paddle Board Surfing

  • Posted on: 9 May 2017
  • By: Rebeca

Stand up paddle board surfing or "SUP'S" for short, is quickly being an international sport that in a few places are yelling as the Newest International Surfing Phenomenon.

Stand Up paddle Boards became fairly popular but, it appears just in Hawaii, as the remaining world wasn't too impressed, so when the '60's went to the '70's the "Sups" were all but pushed aside by the "short board" age, as well as a couple of Aussie's reaping havoc on the world, by winning surfing titles galore, as well as in Hawaii's own back yard, didn't sit well with all the Hawaiians.
The Stand Up Paddle Board or "Sups" as it is called originated in Polynesia, but the Hawaiians took it on as their own and developed it in the '60's. They started with it to instruct big groups of students as well as the higher position gave a much better view to them, and gave them the control they wanted, not only to sight, but in addition on the student groups the pending swells manner out the rear. Now, the Stand Up Paddle Board used one paddle having an extended handle that has been utilized to great effect to propel them forwards, rather than much has changed.
Yet, today shoving 2010, "Sups" have again caught a place in World-Wide popularity and continues to be proposed by sportsmen as the total work out interesting machine you could do standing up. In effect it provides you with a powerful "center' work out. It is possible to do it on still water everywhere, or to surfing by Paddle Boarding the surf as a supplement.
Exactly what is a stand up paddle board? They are able to be described as over sized surfboards which might be pretty fat. But fatter or thicker, to offer flotation that is good. "Sup's" can be "Custom Made" at a price, but most are store boards, to keep the cost down, and board manufacturers keep a normal or high performance model available in the showroom.