Rare Coffees of the World - Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee

  • Posted on: 23 June 2017
  • By: Rebeca

When a lot of people think Jamaica, they most likely don't think coffee. Along with its top notch beaches and holiday resorts, there is also internationally recognized coffee. It's known as blue mountain coffee and it's many of the most expensive and rare coffee beans grown in the globe.

The Blue Mountains are on the eastern island, near Kingston. The environment is great and misty, as the soil is wealthy and moist. It's among the highest areas in the world where coffee is grown, reaching 7, 500 ft above sea level. It is the perfect circumstances for growing blue mountain coffee.
The flavor is moderate and lacks bitterness. The flavor is clean, with an absolute sweetness and wealthy feeling. If you've never really had a cup, you need to try it at least one time.
As well as the location, part of why is it so particular is that it is grown my by mainly small, family members owned farms. The effect is a focus on detail which makes an improvement in the ultimate product that you could definitely taste.
But also, because it's grown only for the reason that region and just by a small amount of farmers, only limited amounts are grown each year. The price can operate from twenty dollars to more than fifty dollars for a pound.
If you view it for a smaller price, there's an excellent chance you are looking at a handbag that's not certified by the blue mountain coffee Industry Board Of Jamaica, which monitors the product quality and means that you're actually getting coffee from the region.