Price Guide before finding your new home

  • Posted on: 14 November 2017
  • By: Rebeca

Acquiring a property is considered as a prime asset in every individual’s life. Owning a property is smarter move than spending money on rent. The mortgage payments are almost same as paying rents but in the long run, you can become a proud owner of a property. Yet there are essential factors to be considered about the prices before you sign the dotted line.

Buying a Condo – In depth analysis

Before purchasing a condo, you should know how much money you would require to spend on the property before owning it. Life in condominium is indeed a vast difference, a feeling of top class living conditions when compared to HDB flat or apartment when it comes to facilities and amenities. Twin Vew, an upcoming project in West Coast Vale beside Parc Riviera is expected to have a selling price of $1200 - $1300 psf. twin vew priceprice is decided on the base of tender price acknowledged for the plot besides, the neighboring condos are selling around the same margins so the benchmark price of Twin Vew Condo should be more or less that range.

Be aware of market price and price trending before plunging to your new home

• Understand the market rate, make an analysis, do researches about the prices of the nearby condominium so you can end up with a fair deal. Moreover,Twin Vew offer price discounts on early birds so don’t miss out those chances.

• Make negotiations with the developers or the real estate agents to push through a favorable deal.

Summing it up

Condos are high potential investment due to its high resale value so real estate has become a fast growing business in many parts of the world. Life in Twin Vew condo is more flexible since condominiums are generally developed in safe neighborhood and closer proximity to public transport facilities, supermarkets etc.