Microblading Is a Blend of Art and Beautification

  • Posted on: 17 November 2017
  • By: Rebeca

Believe it or not, but Microblading is an artistic way to tattoo your eyebrows to give them a perfect shape or you can call it a combination of art and beautification of eyebrows. Yes, this is true because eyebrow microblading is not a technique that anybody can perform. It is a work of an expert hand who can draw hair with the micro-needles to give your eyelash a perfect shape like the natural one. jstudio victoria define this technique as an artwork and they know because they’re using this skill on their customers and it is true because this technique is absolutely manual like any other artwork. When it comes to an eyebrow, a millimeter difference can make lot of change. So, the person who performs this work should be a perfectionist.

What you know about microblading?

Your brows say everything about your facial appearance without uttering a word and create a symmetry and balance on your face. This technique can provide you the right appearance for long time without much efforts. This technique works well for everybody, except it is not recommended for minors under 18, pregnant women, or those with sunburn and skin sensitivity. This technique is very effective if you have no or very little eyebrow growth. This technique requires certain restrictions well before the procedure such as use of skin thinners, like Vitamin A, Glycolic acid, etc. and alcohol/aspirin like blood thinners. You will also have to stop any tinting or waxing on your eyebrows hair. The discomfort of this treatment is little pain which is not so unbearable and which can be controlled with anesthesia, if needed.

Where to go for this procedure?

You should choose a right place where you get assurance of the satisfactory work. Search for microblading Victoria and you will find the list of best names. One such top name is Jody Studio, the place which you can trust for this purpose.