Information about football

  • Posted on: 27 July 2017
  • By: Rebeca

Everyone loves to play football game. Football is becoming a famous game than cricket and any other. Football is a unique and enjoyable game. You can say that the Fussball or football game is very simple to play. You just have to wear your socks and need to kick off your ball towards goal. All may tell you this, but in this article you will get all details about football. If you are a football lover then this article surely gives you a perfect knowledge about football.

After so many years, many countries start playing football. Football news starts spreading all over the world. Now big competitions are conducting for football moreover it’s a great opportunity for football players. Some rules of a football game you must know before playing. We are here to give you a little knowledge about football, you can say that its fussball nachrichten (Football news) for you. Football field should be 120 yards long and 53.5 wide. The field should be divided into 5 yards.

Each team should have 11 players. Teams have the option to take players more than 11 because sometimes injuries occur in the field during the match. In this situation team can replace their players anytime instead of quitting the game. Defensive players can move anytime, anywhere, without any type of restriction. Only the goalkeeper cannot go out of his playing area. First of all, captains of the team conduct a toss. Which team wins, they have the option to select a boll or side. Most of the players choose sides because it helps them most. They usually examine the flow of the air, sun and then take a decision. After that, they start the match. But this information about football news not enough. Just visit our website for more information.