How do I choose the best baby feeding bottle like Dr. Brown Fles bottle?

  • Posted on: 24 October 2017
  • By: Rebeca

When you are purchasing the baby feeding bottle for your newborn baby, you need to necessarily consider many factors in selecting the right bottle. The multiple factors are effectively responsible for you to buy the best bottle for your newborn baby. The main purposes of considering the factors are, you know that your baby is so small and is not having well-developed hormones in its body. The chances are more that outside germs and bacteria can attack the baby. Similarly, if the bottle is not of high quality, it can cause problems on the health of the baby. You can give more preference to the bottle of the best brand like Dr. Brown to stay away from all unexpected problems.

Here are some steps that will be helpful to you in choosing the best bottle for your small kid-
• Age of the baby- The babies have specific preferences to the feeding bottles shape, milk flow, nipple size, etc. It is always advisable for the parents in trying out the different shapes of the bottle as your baby grows and must choose the most preferred brand like Dr. Brown Fles of the feeding bottle. The small size bottle is up to 150 ML which is best suited for the babies of 0 months to 3 months. The large sized bottle is up to 330 ML which is used for the babies of about six months.
• Nipple materials- Latex and the silicon is two materials of nipple available widely into the market. If your baby is allergic to the latex or is much sensitive, then it is better for you to give preference to silicon nipple as they are long lasting as well as is stronger.
• Size of the bottle- As the babies are growing faster and feeding need also changes. Parents need to choose the standard bottle of 120 ML for the baby and also use 240 ML to 330 ML bottle for the baby.
These are the steps helpful in choosing Dr. Brown feeding bottle.