The evolution (not just revolution) of technology

  • Posted on: 14 July 2017
  • By: Rebeca

How much we have changed
Technology has come a long way today and it is a window to the history of human evolution. The history of mankind and this planet is ever evolving and changing and it is a beautiful story for anyone to hear. We started as primitive men living in caves and hunting for meat to survive. We have now come to a time where people sitting thousands of miles away can be projected in front of your eyes as if they were sitting right there and we can speak to them.

Technology is not just a revolution, it is evolution. Humans have reached a phase where the most difficult of tasks can be achieved by only a few button presses on your computer or your smart phones. There is now a machine that can help us do almost do anything; do our laundry, book a flight ticket, wake up on time for office; you name it, you will find the technology that has affected it. And the same goes with the concept of ice making as well.
What is ice making you ask? Why it is the process of making ice of course. Ice forms a core part of many different occasions. There are now portable sonic ice makers which you can carry with you anywhere you go and make yourself some ice cubes. All that these machines need is a power supply and we need to get some water for the equipment to convert into ice. These machines are yet another creation of the human mind and can play a big role in our lives if we wish it to be.
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A sonic ice machine, unlike regular ice makers, makes ice nuggets which are smaller than the regular ice cubes that are usually gotten from regular machines. We can use these machines to bring them along to picnics or parties and ensure that there is an endless supply of ice to keep the guests (and more importantly yourself) happy and smiling.