Does Fake Urine Work?

  • Posted on: 17 April 2017
  • By: Rebeca

Using Fake urine in order to pass drug test is now an important problem for the drug testing business. They manage to keep in front of the game by executing new testing recommendations and incorporating additional tests synthetic pee.

According to a current study, about 2-4 million urine tests are done per annum. Using a total price at about 1.2 billion bucks a year. This business makes enough gain and is pushed to keep in front of the contest. In turn, an industry of Fake pee, or synthetic urine has also springing up. By good fortune, a lot of the Fake urine business sells mainly coloured water and subpar products that could readily be screened and analyzed.

Specific Gravity and Urea tests. Considering that the first Quick Repair, there have already been many updates, including a “Plus” and “6.1” edition.

One product that's now accessible online offers more of a problem. Sold as a “Real Simulated Urine”, Testclear has created a product that's virtually replicated every compound discovered in actual urine. Using urea and creatinine which can be within ordinary pee is the actual problem.

If you look in to this product you'll see they advertise it as “Real Individual Urine, maybe not Synthetic”. If it is real is dehydrated urine or maybe not, h-AS yet to be found. For the present time, that which we understand is that it can pass urine tests as actual urine.

How Synthetic Urine is used
Powdered urine comes as a package. The kit includes everything required to all that’s left to do is a-DD water. With about one yr shelf li Fe dry and three-day maximum once water is added.