• Posted on: 2 May 2017
  • By: Rebeca

It is vital to regularly clean your bong. Understanding how to clean it correctly will exponentially boost your smoking experience by Buy Bong Cleaner Online. Bear in mind to scrub it after each session!

1. Disassembling the bong
Take off your bong vase, grommets, tray, hoses, adapters, and its own diffuser. Know more about your bong and its particular component. It just requires a couple times to discover ways to put it together, take it apart, and keep it correctly.
Use hot water to scrub.
2. Use hot water to clean
Using hot water is the easiest way to scrub it. Never go from cold to hot, or the other way around, as it will break the glass base.
3. Cleaning the shaft, hub, and downstem
Use cleaning brushes to clean these components. It will take several passes to scrub off any lingering deposit. In case your bong hasn’t been cleaned in some time, it could take several minutes to clean them up.
Washing the bong foundation, or vase.
4. Washing the bong foundation, or vase
It's possible for you to use cleaning pads and dishwashing soap to completely clean the vase. In case the contour made it difficult for the cleaning pads to reach in, you should use cleaning brush to scrub it.
5. Washing the grommets and adapters
Be sure each grommet and adapters are rinsed off with hot water. Use mild soap and go simple using the brush.